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Renewable Energy at Trevase Granary

Autumn 2017

Trevase Granary has recently started to benefit from heat in addition to the electric made by the farm AD plant.

Trevase Farm installed an Anaerobic Digester in 2014 which is, in effect, is like a large concrete cow, mostly being fed on maize (grown on farm) and producing methane!

This gas is taken to a CHP, a large engine that produces 499 Kw of electric, most of which is fed back into the National Grid. The farm uses some of the electric and, in 2015, electric was also sent to the Granary, games room and the farmhouse.

Another bi-product of the CHP is 495 kw of thermal output. Most of this is sent to the four chicken sheds on the farm and more recently to the new sheds drying floor to dry maize. This maize will then be used to bed the chickens which will in turn be fed to the AD plant. The final works to send any remaining heat to be used by the guests of the Granary were completed in summer 2017.

But dont worry, we still have our original boilers plus emersion heaters so there should be no danger of running out of hot water!